Consultations last on average about 15 minutes, except for ultrasound examinations.

A normal consultation involves taking a proper history, a physical examination and formulation of a working diagnosis, without or without treatment or councelling.
Diagnostic services follow a consultative process. It may be necessary to perform some sideroom investigations, like doing the blood sugar levels, or further tests such as an x-ray examination or formal blood tests at the local laboratory. 
Therapeutic services involve the further management of the patient and may involve the prescription of medication, councelling or surgical intervention, as is required by the circumstances.

Therapeutics may be preventative, curative or palliative.
Some patients require more intensive treatment that can only be offered in a hospital setting.

Our practice renders services both to inpatients and outpatients at the local private hospital Unfortunately we do not admit to or treat patients in the local public hospital.
Surgical intervention may sometimes be necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome, eg. removing the appendix (appendicectomy) in the case of acute appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix).

This practice offers a range of surgical interventions.
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  1. Dr George A Isaacs
    Qualified as Medical Doctor in 1983 with MB.ChB from the University of Cape Town. Obtained his Masters degree in Family Medicine (MFamMed) in 1991 from the University of Stellenbosch. In private practice in Upington since June 1986. Successfully completed the diploma in Forensic Pathology in 2014.
  2. Dr Dwayne C Koopman
    Qualified as a Medical Doctor in 2013 with MBCh.B from the University of the Freestate.
  3. Dr Dean van der Byl
    Dr Dean van Der Byl qualified as a Medical Doctor in 2012 with MB.ChB fron the University of North West.
  1. Mrs Glenda H Isaacs
    Mrs Glenda Isaacs is our practice manager, responsible for personnel matters, acquisition of practice utilities, daily handling of issues other than patient relations, general maintenance and renovations of the practice. She is the force behind the scenes entrusted with creating a friendly working environment.
  2. Mrs Mariska Isaacs
    Mrs Mariska Isaacs is the accounting officer of the practice responsible mainly for liaison with the different medical aid schemes, managing debtor accounts and primarily handling any queries related to outstanding debtor accounts, settlement agreements and the monthly statement runs.
  3. Mrs Katrina Koopman
    Mrs Koopman is attached to the practice for more than 23 years. She is the friendly face of the practice, responsible for the reception, dealing with patient appointments, preparation of the patient records, handling of fees due for services rendered and all general enquiries. She has a thorough knowledge of all practice matters.
  1. Miss Sendre Isaaks
    Miss Sendre Isaaks is the newest member of our team, having joined us in January 2019 as a General Assistant. She is jointly responsible for keeping our practice spotless and hygienic. She also fulfills the duties of messenger, delivering important documents and handling our snail mail.
  2. Miss Narysia Andreas
    Miss Narysia Andreas is another young and dynamic member of our team. She is the friendly voice on the telephone. In addition she acts as the second receptionist, assisting Mrs Koopman in her duties, as well as handling important accounts queries and updating the practice statistics.
  3. Mrs Bet Andreas
    Mrs Bet Andreas is with our practice for more than 25 years. She is a care worker and general assistant. She is jointly responsible for keeping our practice in the familiar spotless and hygienic condition. She is also responsible for handling the filing of our records. As a care worker she provides specific basic services and side-room investigations.
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  2. Lettie Isaacs
    A wonderful person,will always love and respect him.
  3. Jason Parker
  4. Jennifer Roberts
  1. Our tariffs
    This practice charges medical aid approved tariffs for consultations, ultrasound examinations and general surgical procedures only. We do not charge medical aid tariffs for after hour or emergency consultations and for obstetric services, other than routine antenatal visits. We have a differentiated tariff structure based on a number of factors, enabling us to charge less for some services. Our staff is well trained in the tariff structure and will quote a fee based on the service requested. The tariff for Ultrasound examination is based on the type of examination required. Our practice operates by appointment only and the number of patients are limited to ensure that patients receive quality of care.