Consultations make up the bulk of our daily work. We believe in taking a proper history before the examination of our patients, discussing the diagnosis and management with the patient, as well as providing much needed medical education and advice on lifestyle management. We understand that consultations take time and should be adjusted according to the need of the patient. As a patient, you should understand that spending time with you limits the number of patients we can consult on any given day 
 Examination of patients takes place under the strictest ethical rules.  Patients are assured of our respect for their privacy and dignity. Physical examinations are tailored to the history, in order to keep it relevant and appropriate. Basic examination for children includes an examination of the ear, nose, and throat. Basic examination for adults includes taking the blood pressure as a routine. We always endeavor to do a thorough and quick examination in all cases, fully understanding that some patients need a more thorough examination than others
Special investigations
Special examinations consists of basic sideroom examinations that are done in the consulting room, example blood sugar levels, haemoglobin estimation and urine examination, as well as more advanced examinations . that requires the use of third parties, such as x-rays or blood tests. Our practice offers basic sideroom examinations at our discression, but also on site advanced testing like lipograms (cholesterol test), eclectrocardiograms (ECG) and ultrasound examination. Unfortunately advanced examinations are expensive and is not included in the normal consultation, but patients have to pay the appropriate cost in addition to the normal consultation fees
Therapeutic services
Therapeutic services are aimed at aliviating the problem as defined at the time of making a proper diagnosis. Some therapeutics include appropriate medication, but is not limited to prescribing medication. Some therapeatics include minor or major surgical procedures that cannot be performed in the consulting room and  requires referral to the local hospital - public or private. Some therapeutic interventions require counselling or lifestyle modification, such as smoking sesation, or dietary changes. Successful therapeutic interventions therefore relies on teamwork between the doctor and the patient, with both parties agreeing to fully commit to the suggested treatment plan
Surgical services
Our practice offers a range of minor and major surgical interventions to our patients, as well as patients from the Quadromed team. All surgical procedures require technical skill and expertise. With more than 35 years of experience, we offer surgical interventions with excellent outcomes and a low level of complications. All surgical procedures carry the risk of complications and patients should familiarise themselves with the intended procedure and consent to such procedure before it is carried out. Some of the surgical procedures we are comfortable in performing include but is not limited to, Adenotonsillectomy, Excision biopsies, Removal of Breast Lumps, Excision and Repair of skin lesions, Radical excision of ingrowing toenails, Appendicectomy and Caesarean Sections