Dr George A Isaacs

MB.;ChB.  [University of Cape Town 1983]
M.Fam.Med. [University of Stellenbosch 1991]

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Current News:

NCD Achievements on behalf of Medical Practitioners

Medical doctors retained their right to dispense medicines.
The issue of dispensing licences is based purely on competence and not on geographical or any other consideration.
It is no longer necessary to re-advertise when renewing a licence - this constitutes a cost saving of approximately R400 per doctor.
A licenced dispensing doctor can dispense from any accredited facility even those facilities that do not appear on his/her licence as is the case with locum doctors.
The Department of Health must issue renewals within 90 days of receipt of application.
Medical schemes are precluded from rejecting claims from doctors who have met all the conditions for renewal but whose licences have not been renewed before the expiry date.
It has been stated that other issues raised by the NCD are under consideration.

Issues which continue to be addressed

Appropriate dispensing fees for Medical Practitioners.
The reduction of licencing fees.
Clarification on what fee is applicable to the Doctors Licence and what fee applies to the accreditation of the dispensary
The fees that apply when more than one doctor dispenses from one dispensary, and when one doctor dispenses from more than one dispensary.
The scrapping of the requirement to advertise on first application.
The extension of the validity of a licence from 3 to 5 years.
Clarification on "date of receipt" of application. This could become a contentious issue if licences are not renewed within the 90 day period stipulated by the High Court.
Refinement of the renewal process and payments to the Department of Health.
The NCD's submission that an "online" system be developed.
Issues surrounding the maintenance of the register of dispensing doctors.
The re-writing of the regulations in line with the Constitutional Court's recommendations.

Requirements in order to continue to address these issues

A committed and tenacious NCD committee.
The financial and moral support of all dispensing doctors

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